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What factors can affect the value of my car?

Make and model

Some brands are more desirable than others and tend to have a higher valuation in the used cars market

Your car’s condition

A pristine car will be worth more than one with scratches on the wheels and bodywork

Optional extras

Our car valuation calculators will be able to account for the value of added extras

Manufacturer’s warranty

If your car is still under warranty from the manufacturer this can reassure buyers and increase your car’s value

Age and mileage

How old your car is and how many miles it has covered will also affect its valuation

Service history

If your car has a full service history it will have a higher valuation than a car with only a partial service history

Number of previous owners

If you’ve owned your car from new, it’ll likely have a higher valuation than a car that’s had numerous owners


Some car colours are more popular than others. If your car is a desirable colour buyers may be prepared to pay more.